A Guide To Tokyo Portrait Photography

A book, a beginner’s level guide to the vast opportunities to take pictures of photography models, among other types of people, in Tokyo.

Your passport to portraiture on unmatched levels, in Tokyo!

Introducing the Tokyo Portrait Photography Guide!

I contributed greatly to the input of this book, more or less a guide to doing portrait photography in the unique, unparalleled scene for this type of photography in Tokyo.

It’s been a common theme that myself and others have observed of tourists, and even long time residents, who have cameras and haven’t taken advantage of all the cafes, shops, events, and of course, the studios that afford the portrait photography a seemingly infinite amount of possibilities just within this greater Tokyo area.

Of course, you see a lot of it on these pages, so take that as an indication of what one will learn from the pages of the book.

There was no type of guide of this type for Tokyo, or any other city/area from what we could tell, so this book was practically crying out to be made. And finally, it has!

(And perhaps in the near future, some of the ladies will get intimately familiar (naked!) with the book like they have with some of my own writings, such as Masked Behind Tokyo Lens, Tokyo: Level 2, Rowing From One Tokyo To Another, and Gaijin Monogatari, so stay tuned for more of that sexiness!)

Unlock so much more in terms of Tokyo portraiture with this book!

The book, Tokyo Portrait Photography Guide, is available on Amazon Kindle and on paperback.



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