Ramen Bar Izakaya: An Adult Taste of Noodles

Probably the sexiest ramen experience you’ll ever have…

Ramen Bar Izakaya (formerly known as Oppai Ramen, with Oppai meaning “boobs”… really!) is kind of tucked away in a relatively quiet part of Tokyo, though the small street it’s located on has quite a few restaurants, bars, and smaller chain stores.

Outside the building… can you see the sign? (Look up, her eyes are there)
Ramen in its early stages of preparation

Still, this small ramen/izakaya place stands out among all others in Tokyo, if not all of Japan… let me know if you can tell why…

Or, you don’t have to tell me. But it is definitely one of the most “scenic” ramen shops, if not the most “scenic” one in the land.

Takako-chan happily serves up her ramen
…and of course, chopsticks are needed to enjoy the ramen

It’s definitely on the adult side, and its billing as an izakaya place does preclude the adults-only rating. And it can be a bit much to take at first, if you’re not used to it. But once you’re there, and if you can put aside the scenery (a lot of adult/pornographic media decorates the place) it is all really in good humor and nature. Your hostess, Takako-chan, was formerly a real life hostess and gravure idol (if you look closely you’ll see some of the published media that featured her, displayed throughout the establishment).

The ramen was unique, unlike any I’ve tried. There is an order and sequence to enjoying it, as you’ll see/hear her explain in the video just below.

And as you can see… lots of onions, yuzu pepper, lime, vegetables, and katsuo oil to complement with the base shio ramen core (somewhere beneath all those onions, in the large bowl). It highlighted a very interesting experience here.

Well, along with Takako-chan, of course. She is the one who makes this place, and if she made the highlight of the experience, she is really the star here without a doubt.

For a very interesting and unique ramen experience, on the adult side of things, Ramen Bar Izakaya definitely is worth a visit.


  • Relatively English friendly for gaijin customers… Takako-chan says she gets quite a few foreign visitors and she is actually pretty good with English.
  • Ramen Bar Izakaya is a small place, and Takako-chan and your fellow diners/customers tend to be very friendly and chatty. It’s fun and all very good natured but I know not all are up for that, all the time. Just so you know.
  • Photos are cool here. I can’t imagine Takako-chan saying no to that on any given evening, but it’s always a good idea to be courteous and make sure she’s okay with taking photos, just in case. And you’ll surely get on her good side too.
  • If you haven’t figured it out by now… not a place to bring younger kids.
  • Due to the close proximity of this place to so many other similar places, Ramen Bar Izakaya might be a good place to start, or end, a pub crawl.

Ramen Bar Izakaya (no website but this site also provides good info
Hours: 19:00-late (likely depending on customer demand)
Location: near Gakugei-Daigaku station, Tokyu-Toyoko Line



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