Why I Don’t Hate Wearing a Mask (I Actually Love It!)

Became Camp Zama’s free throw champion, and the only masked competitor!
Even Japan’s Hooters girls laugh at your mask resistance
  • It protects me, and protects others. Regardless of how you understand/perceive the coronavirus travels from person to person, it is undisputed that a mask, will at the very least, impede the progress of the virus’ airborne travel. It can be the difference between feeling great and feeling the effects of COVID-19.
  • The mask serves as a shield for my introverted self. I don’t relate well to most others, so having another level added to my personal deflector shields is a win-win upgrade! Also, with the mask I can walk around a little more without being noticed, I think. Being masked is like a disguise… how about that!
  • Wearing a mask helps me stay in shape. It forces me to control my breathing at times, as rapid breathing get uncomfortable… and there are numerous benefits to the practice of deep breathing. Also, it does encourage me to hydrate more, especially in the warmer seasons, which helps me control my weight, among other health benefits associated with drinking more water (or tea).
  • I make the mask look good. Everyone in my social circle, my family and friends, also make the mask look real good. It seems like those who embrace the mask, make it look good. Those who don’t, look ugly and embarrassing in their minimal efforts of wearing it as a chinstrap.
  • It symbolizes the (continuing) struggle with COVID-19. I wore face masks when suffering from fall/spring allergies, but of course it was never worn indoors nor with the frequency of the COVID-10 era. I now fear that the moment I stop wearing the mask regularly, that same moment will be when I lull myself into thinking the virus is behind us. And, for the sake of all those you see in these photos aside from myself, I refuse to let my guard down and knowingly expose myself, and them, to the virus, unnecessarily.
Koji might wear a mask too, if he could



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