Yayoi (And Photographer) Invade Harajuku

As I go through the photos in chronological order, only then do I notice how much more in tune with each other we grew with every encounter… and maybe even with every snap of the shutter.

Stepping out from the Meiji Jingu shrine area, we went into Harajuku, which kind of felt like another country, even another world, just outside of the Torii that marks Meiji Jingu.

Then, we reached the main part, perhaps most popular part of Harajuku, Takeshita Street. Early in the morning before most of the businesses opened and the crowds arriving, it was a face of Harajuku that I wasn’t used to seeing. Putting Yayoi along with it made it perfect, in my eyes (and camera lens).

Once we got past Takeshita Street and reached Meiji-dori Avenue on the eastern part of the neighborhood, it was like time stood still, as Yayoi did her model magic, and I could not stop firing away with the camera.

It felt like every moment, even every thought from her generated a different, beautiful image to capture.

I don’t know if there was something in her mood, or something that changed my perception, or if it was simply the rapport between model and photographer suddenly got so much stronger in that moment, at that location.

Once time resumed from that standstill, we moved on to Omote-sando street, a bit south of where we were previously. The greenery here was refreshing and a bit of a reminder where we were less than an hour ago at Meiji Jingu, though this was definitely more “man-made” in nature.

Then, a bridge served as the next scene.

Then, back to solid ground on Omote-sando street, it also felt like time slowed down around the tunnel of my vision, as Yayoi worked her magic.

It was a great second outing overall, between Meiji Jingu and Harajuku. One of those events that felt both like it lasted forever, yet went by so quickly.

At the end, we enjoyed a drink at Starbucks. Or rather, just outside of it.

As usual, she kind of loses the model’s aura when exposed to food/drink!!!

Of course, after an outing like this, couldn’t stop here. I realized my skills were developing even just slightly, and our rapport was developing. More to come…



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